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Instructions on showing your home for potential buyers

With these 12 tips you’re sure to succeed in showing your home for potential buyers.

The main purpose of the presentation is to give the client the opportunity to see the property for sale on the spot. Any questions can be answered afterwards by our real estate agent.

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12 tips for showing your home:

1. Ventilate your home before the visit
2. Turn on sufficient lighting and open the curtains and blinds
3. Organize your loose items in the yard as well
4. Please arrive on time to receive a prospective buyer at the door
5. Always keep the documents provided by the real estate agent at showings, e.g. on the kitchen table.
6. If possible, give a brochure to viewers. For other documents, such as a landlord’s certificate or a property register note, you can direct them to your real estate agent.
7. You can direct a prospective buyer to contact your real estate agent for any questions he/she may have. Always ask to speak to your estate agent if you are unsure about the accuracy of the answer.
8. Do not give false or misleading information about the property.
9. You have the opportunity to provide information, especially from experience, that the real estate agent don’t have!
10. Don’t make comments on the price of the home and direct any offers to go directly to the real estate agent.
11. Give the viewer space to explore the site with no rush.
12. Don’t stress. After all, it’s just a matter of showing the property to interested potential buyers.

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