Our Story

How was Koti Vaihtoon LKV born?

The first page of the Koti Vaihtoon story was turned in 2021, when Leo, who runs an online website business, and Matti, who works as a real estate agent, got to know each other through a joint project.

But before we get to that, let’s first fast-forward to 2016.

Matti works as a professional real estate agent in a successful real estate company. However, long working days, evenings, and weekends spent at housing shows make him to dream of a more efficient way to sell homes. A way where the agent is not so overburdened, but nevertheless customer service is still as exhaustive as possible, and business is still brisk.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, Leo provides website solutions for businesses looking to combine a polished visual look, agile technical implementation, and a highly tuned online presence to boost their sales.

Kotivaihtoon LKV Oy

You can probably already guess what an encounter between this duo will cause years later.

Matti has a real estate concept that works, where homeowners show their homes to buyers themselves. Thanks to this efficient concept, the homeowner usually saves large sums in commission and the estate agent can easily have up to 50 homes for sale at the same time; the volume of sales is high.

Developing new websites and search engine visibility brings entrepreneurs together.

Leo is immediately enthusiastic about the concept, because having had to sell a couple of apartments himself, he knows that there is a demand for such a service.

Collaboration is smooth, one thing leads to another and before you can say 1 % brokerage fee, the pair have decided to combine their expertise in digital marketing and selling homes in an unseen way.

Kotivaihtoon LKV Oy

So this is how Koti Vaihtoon LKV got started.

It is a modern Show Your Home™ service model that offers home sellers all the best of professional real estate brokerage; state-of-the-art marketing materials, high visibility of the property, and the expertise of a real estate agent with personal service throughout the whole sales process.

But because homeowners show their homes themselves, brokerage fees remain low and one real estate agent can easily manage dozens of properties at the same time.

The concept also includes a Virtual Tour 24/7 Home Show™, which brings the property to life in a completely different way and allows buyers to explore their future home from the comfort of their couch.